It’s a word that should incite the metallic taste of blood in your mouth.  It’s the training day that gets a star next to it on the calendar.  It’s the best way to become fast on your bike. The vast majority of cyclists ride nearly the same pace all the time.  This is one of […]

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Watching Professional Cycling

I know cycling has gotten a bad wrap lately.  And it deserves it.  Many of my friends and fellow racers have completely abandoned watching racing at the pro level.  Who cares what those dopers are doing?  Right?  Not really.  Cycling is not a sport we grew up with and the tactics, form, etc. all are […]

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Every Little Bit Helps

A lot of folks ask me “How do you do it?” as they refer to the business owner, coach, bike racer, father, and husband juggling I do.  One of the keys is understanding how to train, another is how to squeak in workouts.  A good example is when I have an 8 AM flight.  I’ll […]

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Memorial Bike Build

The frame is complete and I couldn’t be more pleased.  The original idea of the stained glass detail was replaced by a small stylized version of the Red Hat Society logo.  We were concerned the stained glass would detract too much from the stealth look of the frame, which was the main focus of the […]

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