Every Little Bit Helps

A lot of folks ask me “How do you do it?” as they refer to the business owner, coach, bike racer, father, and husband juggling I do.  One of the keys is understanding how to train, another is how to squeak in workouts.  A good example is when I have an 8 AM flight.  I’ll get up and work in a 4 AM trainer session before heading to the airport.  It’s not ideal, however I can catch up on sleep on the plane and feel better for having gotten the workout in rather than feeling like a bum all day.

Every little bit counts.  I’ve had pretty good success racing when I’ve only trained at lunch and one day on the weekends.  I’d squeeze the most out of that one hour lunch ride or commute.  So if your feeling like you can’t fit it in, don’t be afraid to hammer out 30 minutes because it does count.

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