Training with Power – 3

So how do you go about this monitoring and review that I’ve discussed?  There are critical elements within your training that can become markers and indicators that you should be monitoring.  Testing – You should establish a certain route and use this as a way to gauge your power over time.  It is a good […]

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Training with Power – 2

One of my favorite lines I hear all the time is: “I’ve got a power meter now, so I should be faster this year.”  OK.   A power meter isn’t like adding an aero helmet in a TT.  It doesn’t correlate into additional speed, it only helps you know how much power you are producing.  It […]

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Training with Power

This is a pretty big topic.  So this is just a kick off to a whole series.  Interestingly enough,  power meters have been around for a long time.  The first power meters for bikes were out in the late eighties and Lemond was one of the first to try out a prototype.  Riders have been […]

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Getting Dropped

There is simply nothing worse than getting dropped in cycling.  Whether it is in a group ride, a race, or the commute home; getting dropped is the cycling equivalent of being dumped.  You are not good enough.  You don’t belong. The more you ride/race, the more you realize that getting dropped is an integral part […]

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