Cycling Training Camps

Training camps can be very helpful for teams and individuals preparing for the season.   Typically these occur as winter is winding down.  They are an excellent way to get to know your teammates and get that racing bug back as you start to get into the mode of competitive cycling. 

After having a pretty poor spring due to many factors, I put in a mini training camp week to try and restart my season.   I planned a week focus to get back into race mode.  My plan had a mix of race speeds, endurance, climbing, and TT work.  Most importantly, I wanted to feel a bit like a bike racer again.   We week looked like this:

Sunday: 2.5 hours up in the mountains.   Steady work with a few efforts.  Just got back from travelling and wanted to shake out the legs.

Monday:  Off

Tuesday:  TT Bike.  I worked in a series of 5-10 minute TT efforts in two 1 hour riding sessions. 

Wed:  TT Bike.  1 hour easy spin with 30 minutes at Tempo.  1 hour with a 30 minute TT effort.

Thursday:  1 hour ride in the morning easy.  3 hour ride in the evening.  1 hour of high tempo.  1 hour of race pace efforts and hard climbs.

Friday:  Off.  Worked for 7 hours in the yard removing trees/shrubs.  Very strenuous workout, but off the bike.

Saturday:  Worked 8 hours in on hauling trees/shrubs.  2 hours on the bike at endurance pace.

Sunday: 4 hours in the mountains.  Tempo pace on the climbs.

Monday: 3 hours on endurance pace with 5×5 minutes of TT pace.

I ended up with 19.5 hours on the bike in 9 days.  By the second weekend I was feeling pretty wiped out.  I had just returned from a 2 week trip internationally and hadn’t been on the bike much in almost 3 weeks.  I was able to keep up decent fitness on my trip, but nothing replaces bike time at altitude.

There is no way to instantly become fit from a week of riding, however it was pretty nice to get out there and ride with a purpose again.  I am planning on racing tonight and this weekend.  I don’t predict that it will feel all that great, but you have to get out there at some point.

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