Altitude/Attitude Training

 I was pretty lucky to get up in Summit County for some amazing riding this weekend. A lot of folks don’t know much about the riding around Breckenridge and I think the locals may like it that way. I am fortunate to have had some time up there to get to know the trails and […]

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Building Fitness in June

One of the most difficult things to do in any sport is enter the season midstream and perform.  I always dreaded the when one of my athletes had an injury at the beginning of the season and had to get back into racing in June/July.  It is very difficult to replicate game/race intensity in training.  […]

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First Race 2013

It wasn’t much of a big debut, but I finally got a number pinned on.  There is a local race on Thursday nights close to my home and I used this convenient opportunity to get out there again.  Interestingly enough, the main reason for going to the race was to cheer on my cousin, Marshall, […]

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