First Race 2013

It wasn’t much of a big debut, but I finally got a number pinned on.  There is a local race on Thursday nights close to my home and I used this convenient opportunity to get out there again.  Interestingly enough, the main reason for going to the race was to cheer on my cousin, Marshall, on his first bike race ever.  After Marshall told me he’d be racing, I call and talked racing tips.  Then my entire family came out and put in a solid cheering section for his race and mine. 

The course was a bit tougher than I expected for a few reasons:

  1. The course is in a dilapidated parking lot with lots of holes, ruts, and gravel.
  2. There were some tight turns that incorporated many of the challenges from #1.
  3. The were was a gusty wind that made keeping your line a bit tough through those turns, especially with the 404s on the front.

I actually felt much stronger than I expected, but I didn’t have the bike handling skills to carve the corners like a most of the riders in the P12 race.  I ended up 9th out of 20ish riders, having lapped a few riders and having been lapped twice by some on this very short course.  Cornering (usually a strength of mine) was just not there and it became the deciding factor for the race.  It became a race of 1s, 2s and 3s riding around in a TT.  The good news is that my legs felt good.  It was fun to have the family out at the race and get back out there again. 

I am a huge fan of weekly crits for maintaining a string cycling community, however I don’t know that I will be back to this one.  I just don’t feel too interested in hanging it out on a weeknight race to stay in the hunt.  I did hear they are moving the course around a bit and maybe that will help with some of these issues. 

photo photo

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