Altitude/Attitude Training

 I was pretty lucky to get up in Summit County for some amazing riding this weekend. A lot of folks don’t know much about the riding around Breckenridge and I think the locals may like it that way. I am fortunate to have had some time up there to get to know the trails and be able to find my way around. I don’t know too many rides that include old growth forest, mountain views, wildflowers, 90 minute climbs, 30 minute descents, and you see less than 10 people in 4 hours of riding. A truly exceptional ride.

Although Sunday started out raining pretty hard, we were able to get up the mountain without any rain during our ride. We pieced together a 4 hour ride with A LOT of climbing and some killer descents. The trails are still a bit of a guessing game up high and we guessed right, only running into a few sections of snow and a some piles of hail from the days storm.


There is nothing like getting in steep 90 minute climbs in the mountains on your bike to give you time to reflect and appreciate the opportunity to be able to enjoy this cool sport. It also should add up to some improving fitness after spending so much time this weekend about 9000 feet.

1008274_10200871672687817_1649927139_o 1025783_10200871669647741_377112097_o 1025715_10200871654927373_2034334717_o 965195_10200871659007475_800872903_o

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