Hillbilly Ironman – Swim

Swim : 1:03:38

I got up at 4 AM, cleaned the pool and at a handful of Peanut M&Ms.  It was a peaceful morning.  I woke up to dry roads, but a lot of humidity.  It had rained over night and was very foggy. I hopped in the pool at 4:30 AM sharp as planned.  I felt alert and ready for the day.

I timed the every 100 meters.  My lap times varied quite a bit with the slowest times in the middle and the fastest at the end when I just decided to crank out the last 800 meters at full gas. My slowest time was 107.2 seconds and my fastest was 78.4 seconds.  I generally was running around 100 seconds on my laps.  Since the pool is relatively small I tried to keep my kicks off the wall minimal since my legs were going to need as much energy throughout the day.

I felt pretty good in the pool and swam aggressively.  I figured that fatigue in my shoulders and back were not going to impact my other events.  I kept focusing on swimming fast, but also minimizing fatigue in my neck and legs.  This is the one element of the day that I felt pretty good about and have actually been able to train a bit.  I was over a minute slower than I had completed the same swim in a 25 meter pool in China.  I attribute this to being as sea level in China, a larger pool and kicking off the wall in China.

Transition 1:  18 minutes

I had to dry off, put the pool cover on, change into cycling gear, drink a bottle of Coke, and drive to the lake park that I would be running around later.

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