Fall is for Fun

I have always loved Fall.  In my younger days, it was my passion for football that began stirring. Now the cycling version of football, cyclocross, is on the mind.  This time is special for cyclists for several reasons. Cross racing is beginning.  Since this is the fastest growing type of bike racing, the races seem […]

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Working the Training In

One of the reasons I have been able to help out a few of the guys/gals out there that travel is that I have to live that lifestyle every now and again.  My last trip has been pretty crazy and getting in much training hasn’t been too easy. Here is how it went: Mon.-Tues. = […]

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Hillbilly Ironman – Summary

So, I did an Ironman distance event.  Unsupported.  I don’t really have any revelations.  It was long.  I was very hungry at the end and was hungry for days.  It was pretty tiring.  It was pretty uneventful.  It takes a lot of prep, not just training but the logistics.  I am not terribly inspired to […]

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