Hillbilly Ironman – Run (sort of)

Run: 5:21:11

(I didn’t time my stops, but I had 8 bathroom breaks, stopped to hang out with my family for a couple of minutes, stopped about 10 times to get rocks out of my shoes)

This was kind of a joke.  I don’t run much and my training consists of playing a one hour soccer game 3 times in the last 6 weeks.  And I usually only run about 80% of that time.  I did run last Monday for about 35 minutes and was sore for 2 days afterward.  I obviously had no ambition to run a marathon.  My hope was to run ½ of it at the most and to finish under 5 hours.  I chose to run around a lake that had a 3.5 mile loop with ½ of it being on dirt.  The loop as 3 bathrooms (2 with water fountains) and I parked my van full of food and water at the in between location.  The only problem with this plan was that running/walking around this lake 7 times become extremely tedious.   I actually had to check my watch a few times to see if I had miscounted laps since it pretty much felt like I was going to be out there for a week.

Lap 1 (Including run to park): 53:15

My first 1 and 1/2 miles felt great.  I was going at a 7 minute pace and actually felt very good.  No jelly legs from the bike at all.  I stopped to walk to ensure I didn’t over do it starting out.  I tried to walk super fast and this I think caused more problems than not.  My legs weren’t used to doing this new power walk I invented on the spot.  Felt fine now, not so much later.

Lap 2: 48.54 (Includes extra mile due to moving van)

I worked the concept of run on the dirt, walk the concrete around the lake.  I was starting to have to pee a lot and began to back off on the fluid intake.  This is also where I began to realize how long it takes to go 3.5 miles and how incredibly boring this might be to do over and over again.  I was getting sick of having to pee so much and also I had parked the van in an ideal location for spacing between bathrooms, but I had to walk off course about 60 meters and back   had me do an extra mile on this lap.

Lap 3: 51.33

At the beginning of lap 3 is when the family showed up with encouraging signs and shouts.  The kids walk a short portion and gave me some advice. Like “run more” and “go faster”. I also decided at this point to vary my walking direction.  My left quad was really starting to hurt.  The funny thing is, it actually felt better to run than do this odd power walk I had created.

Lap 4: 43:58

I was feeling quite good still, but definitely getting tired.  Just a general sense of fatigue began to settle in.  I started trying to run more than less due to my walk hurting too much.  This resulted in the beginnings of my knee pain kicking. In it was actually later than I expected.  My knee also felt better running faster than slower.  Although fast at this point is relative.  I skipped a feed during his lap and the affects were about 20 minutes later I began a really tough lap.

Lap 5: 45.01

OK, I am now in survival mode.  More mentally.  I was just so bored and had been out at this lake in the rain for SOOOOOO long.  My gut was feeling odd and I skipped a feed on the previous lap.  I found out it was because I had to go #2 and almost had the infamous poo in the pants issue.  I made it to a bathroom and felt much better.  However, I was still low on gas since I skipped that feed.  Lesson learned.  I got passed by a guy walking and I tried to keep up.  This actually helped my time because at this point I was shlogging mostly.  A kind of walk run.  I also would run after him and then stretch and then run again.

Lap 6: 40.40

I walked ¾ of this lap and then ran a quicker time on the run.  The sun came out and I actually started to feel a bit better the second half.  I think getting some food/electrolyts back in the system was a good thing. Also I had the nice relief from my bathroom stop.

Lap 7: 37.50

Last lap was good.  The sun came out and I was inspired to finish my last few miles.  I kicked it into gear and ran some blazing 10+ minute miles.  I felt like I was flying and ran the whole last lap.  Of course I was running very slow, but at least I was running.  I did have to keep stopping and stretching to keep the knee pain minimized.

I actually accomplished negative splits without trying too much.  I think it was due to my focus on being conservative at the beginning and then becoming so bored that I just had to get it over with.  I decided to do the bike and run without headphones so that I would have a “pure” experience.  I didn’t want to miss any spiritual awakening.  Unfortunately, no such awakening occurred and I wouldn’t do it without something to distract the mind again.

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