Working the Training In

One of the reasons I have been able to help out a few of the guys/gals out there that travel is that I have to live that lifestyle every now and again.  My last trip has been pretty crazy and getting in much training hasn’t been too easy.

Here is how it went:

Mon.-Tues. = Flying and 30 minutes of Yoga Tuesday night.

Wed. – Botanical Garden Visit – Lots of walking so that helped shake out the legs a bit.

Thurs. – Rain Forest Hiking and Dai Culture – Rain Forest hike and sky walk.  Pretty cool event.   Got some pretty good excersize in here, not extreme but every little bit helps.

Friday – 9 on site hiking – Skipped meals so a good workout actually on minimal calories.  Steep terrain, so it was a great training day for being on the road.

Saturday – Drawing Day – Little physical activity so I kept the calories down and just got a lot done.

Sunday – Swimming Day – 45 minute hard swim at the hotel.

Monday – Swimming Day – 45 minute swim in a 50 meter pool.

Tuesday – Travel Day back to US.  Got in a 30 minute easy swim again.  Thought about running, but I don’t really know the area around the hotel too well in LA and didn’t want to get lost at 11 pm.

Wed. – Up at 3 AM.  Thought about running again, but decided to hit up 10 min. of yoga.


All together it was a C+ for a trip.  I usually like to have more diversity and get on the bike at least twice in this time frame.  I did some hard riding/running before the trip and need a few days of recovery anyhow.


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