Fall is for Fun

I have always loved Fall.  In my younger days, it was my passion for football that began stirring. Now the cycling version of football, cyclocross, is on the mind.  This time is special for cyclists for several reasons.

Cross racing is beginning.  Since this is the fastest growing type of bike racing, the races seem to start up earlier and earlier.

The road and mountain seasons are coming to an end or over in most states.  If you don’t race cross, then this is the time to simply enjoy the bike.  Or often, enjoy something else for once.  If you have been taking your season super serious and putting in those 20 minute LT intervals, a break shouldn’t sound so bad.  Even if you don’t take a break, it is nice enough still to hit out on some 5-6 hour rides with buddies that you couldn’t get too because of racing.

If you don’t race at all, this is the time to savor the summer weather.  Many folks can’t ride in the winter due to weather or road conditions.  So this time becomes very special.  It is the last hurrah before there are many more days on the trainer than on the road.

So enjoy it while you can.  I know I will.

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