Smell the Roses

I love seasons.  One of the reasons I live in the middle of the country is that it has the full four season experience.  Fall has always been my favorite time of the year.  I have loved football since I was a little kid and Autumn always represented putting on the pads.   In cycling it is a great time to really enjoy riding for the fun of riding.  Even if you are racing cross, it is a different type of environment than the overly agro road scene.  This is the time of year I dust of the mountain bike and work in some great rides in the woods.  What better way to find piece of mind?

I also really enjoy the opportunity to focus on doing more with the family.  The kids soccer gets on the way, we get out and hike and I can step back and smell the roses.

I hope you can sit back and appreciate a great summer of riding.  And maybe do something different for a couple of weeks/months before it’s back to the love of the

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