Boulder Flood (Longmont and the rest of the Front Range as well)

So I’m lucky.  I’ve been sitting at my house most of the day, kinda bored.  I worked from the house for 4 hours, helped my kids with homework…a pretty typical day.  A bit more like a weekend because I’m at home.   From my front porch, the world seems pretty normal. Of course, it isn’t a normal day.  In fact it is a day that likely will never be repeated in my lifetime or my kids lifetime.  Who would guess that that I could walk 3 blocks and find a “creek” that is now over a mile wide and flooding countless homes?

Of course you want to help.  That is the frustration.  For now, the authorities are asking everyone to stay off the roads and let them do their jobs.  It’s pretty difficult to do much anyway because most of the roads are shut down.   I am sure the time will come for rebuilding and I am sure my family will be all in for helping.  For now we have to be satisfied for offering our home and encouraging words to friends who had damage.

While out with the family on a bike outing to see the devastation in our neighborhood, I ran into a neighbor out with his son.  They are avid cyclists and did a tour of the typical road to see how far they could get.  Answer = Not far.  This flood has destroyed roads, not just overran them with water.  All the classic Boulder routes have been changed or even made impassable for months if not years.  I can’t name a cycling route that I have ridden from my house since I have lived in Colorado that is still accessible.  I think all of them have had parts of the road or bridges completely wash away.

I am trying not to be sad about this.  I am trying to envision training for while within a few miles of home instead of riding epic mountain roads.  I am not planning on much mountain biking or riding on singletrack locally for a long time.  It is all different.

But I’m not a pessimist.  I am proud of our community when I hear that the shelters are getting so much support that my wife had to find a place to take supplies instead of go the closest one.  I took great satisfaction in seeing my office turn out to help one of our coworkers get all their stuff out of a flooded basement.  This WILL bring this tight community together even tighter.

A few pics of the roads/trails the legends have trained on that may be changed forever:  (thanks twitter and friends on facebook)

IMG_8765 IMG_8771 IMG_8772 IMG_8773 IMG_8774 IMG_8775 IMG_8777 COLORADO FLOODING

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