Wednesday Worlds Boulder Cyclocross – Part 1

Every place I with a cycling community worth it’s salt has a Wednesday Worlds.  These training races/rides have always been great for getting in shape and the Boulder Wednesday Worlds may actually be the closest to a real Worlds.  (at least in the US)  This event has two time slots, 7 AM for the working stiffs and 8AM for the more flexible working stiffs.  And like any ride in Boulder,  of course there are always a  smattering of pro woman and men to keep the event exciting.

When I first started out doing WW it was a small group of folks and I learned about it from a friend who raced mountain bikes pro.  We would meet at a coffee shop and cruise through parks and much of Boulder in search of places to hone our cross skills.  It then evolved into a seriously huge group of people and the ride became an issue for other openspace/park users.  The ride actually sought “sanctioning” from the Boulder parks department and the early season rides would start with a talk about respecting other users.  The ride also became less easy to find.  There became a few riders who would organize the rides and spread the word to folks in an effort to keep the number of riders low enough to not have to have a sanctioned race.

After the advent of Valmont Bike Park, the ride became even more formal with the local cycling community negotiating how often the ride could use the park and the rules around the use.   Now the ride meets at a coffee shop and moves onto whatever park that is selected for that day, sometimes it is more than one location.  Often the rides try to recreate the upcoming weekends race conditions so that riders can start to hone their skills around the next race.

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