Cross Bike Pics

I am getting ready to start a new build. Since I kinda tore apart my road bike making mods and playing with different ways to reinforce the frame, it is time to get back on a CDS road frame again. I’ll post more on that later. I took some fun shots of my cross frame […]

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Winter Training

The fitness is coming along OK. I’ve not gotten on the bike as much as I should, but since I don’t have the early season plans that I’ve had in the past (Valley of the Sun in February) I don’t feel too much pressure. I am fairly fit, but not bike fit. I have been […]

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Back in the Day

I was looking through some old photos and realized that I really like falling on my left elbow.  After breaking it twice in 3 years, now I found this photo from when I got my front wheel swiped in a finish sprint by a college kid.  I imagine I have met my quota for scar tissue in […]

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