Winter Training

The fitness is coming along OK. I’ve not gotten on the bike as much as I should, but since I don’t have the early season plans that I’ve had in the past (Valley of the Sun in February) I don’t feel too much pressure. I am fairly fit, but not bike fit. I have been doing a medley of activities to keep active and spice up the workouts instead of sitting on the trainer:

  1. Indoor Soccer: A great way to get the VO2 up since it is nothing but sprinting, especially if you have not skill (like me). Also a great way to get injured, especially knees and ankles.
  2. Trail Running:  I’ve really started to enjoy running.  Hitting a trail is SO much better than running around the neighborhood.  It gets tough in the winter when it snows a lot, but thankfully it hasn’t been too snowy until lately in the Boulder area.
  3. Swimming:  I try to swim  2-3 days a week to work the upper body and core a bit. I’m not too good at this either, but flailing around still gets a good workout if it isn’t that fast or pretty.
  4. Skiing:  A few times with the family, either downhill or cross country.  I recommend both, although cross country is a much more applicable training.  It seems like downhill should be a good way to stay a bit fit in the legs, but I have seen time and time that skiers that come out of the winter only doing downhill are not in bike shape.
  5. Yoga:  I am trying to do this once a week at a minimum.  My flexibility has really gotten worse over the fall and winter.  I have had a few injuries (hamstring, ankle, knee) that have limited my ability to do much yoga and it is starting to show up more in my other sporting endeavors.  The older I get the more important stretching has become.  I can feel the difference when I am limber or when I am not, especially running and riding.
  6. Trainer Time:  I need to start getting more focused on the bike.  I’ve been getting some trainer time in on the bike in the last week or two and will begin to ramp that up as the season approaches.
  7. Bike Time:  I have been hitting up the bike on the weekends and will begin commuting to work more again once the weather lightens up and I don’t have to coach soccer. (Starting in March)  I have felt OK on the Gateway rides, which is always a good indicator.  However I don’t have the on bike endurance I will need come this season.  There is only one way to get it and that’s by riding a lot more.  Finding time might be easy or tricky.  It really all depends on the weather at this point.
Chasing the family on the skinny skis.
Chasing the family on the skinny skis.
Dragging one of these around is a good way to make it a workout keeping up with the family.
Dragging one of these around is a good way to make it a workout keeping up with the family.

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