Spring 2014

OK. I know I haven’t been very attentive to the website. My apologies for steady readers. I’ll be planning to get back into my regular rhythm here this month.

So far spring has been an interesting one. I’ve been on the road nearly every week in the last month and quite a bit before that too. Thanks to modern technology it hasn’t been a problem for coaching. However, that usually isn’t a recipe for fitness success. I have managed to stay relatively fit, but not necessarily bike fit. I am getting on the bike 2-3 times a week, often on the trainer. Although I was able to sneak in a ride on the Pacific Coast Highway in Cali last week. 3.5 hours of ocean views and a gentle Pacific breeze = smiles all around.

I have also been trying to work in some bike building and am working on my first ultra-light steel frame with fillet brazed welds. This new process has been further complicated with a new torch set up and some very interesting tube shapes. I am excited for how the bike should ride and the 1400 gram frame weight (including integrated seat post), however I am not loving the constant sand/grind/file and rebraze, repeat… process I have developed that is all about learning the torch, steel, etc. As always, I am very confident in the structural integrity. I am a bit less confident I will ever get to the pro quality visual in the joints on this frame. Just a bit too many things done wrong in the start as I was learning about heat control, etc. The good news is that at this point I have finally gotten closer to having my set up correct and being able to work my material like I could before with the lugged frames.

On the racing side, I am hoping to get some races on my calendar once I get my base built back up on the bike. Luckily I am staying up for the next 4 weeks and should be able to retune towards some on bike time and look to race in May. On the up side, the team looks to be doing well and continue to stamp their mark on the Colorado race scene as usual.

Rough Finish

Seat Stay Miter

Head Tube Miter

Alignment Check

Rough Braze

Bottom Bracket Miter

Pacific Coast Highway






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