MCL Tear – 24 Days

It has been quite a roller coaster ride, but I am finally feeling some progress. I had my check up with the Doc I was given permission to begin range of motion exercises after 24 days of wearing my brace. He was extremely pleased with my progress and gave me a 1-2 months until I can start doing whatever I want. Of course with the caveat that it can take much longer and that it isn’t something they can provide an exact day of recovery. Regardless, I was walking on air after the appointment. Initially, I was told it could take up to a year, so this was quite good news.
The plan at this point:
1. Adjust the brace. The brace is unlocked and so it really is just support and doesn’t restrict movement too much. I was told to wear it for another 10 days or so.
2. Range of Motion. 2-3 appointments a week with a Physical Therapist to start on ROM. The Doc put on the prescription 4-12 weeks.
3. At home PT. ROM work several times a day with ice, etc. still a part of recovery. Start riding a bike immediately. (Although there is NO way that is possible since I can’t bend my knee hardly at all)
How does it feel? Not great my leg is still pretty sore and it does NOT feel like it will get better that quickly. It feels solid. But I can’t move it much and it aches all night. It is pretty hard to find a good sleeping position. In my gut: I won’t be riding for several weeks and I won’t be ready to do whatever I want in a month or even 2 months. This thing feels like a long haul.

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