MCL Tear – 43 Days

I am trying to keep a set interval for posting about my knee since when I looked for any information there wasn’t much out there that was first person. Sure, I found plenty of 8-12 weeks for _____, but not much from the patient side. Since I am a huge believer in patient directed care, having some independent research is always a good thing when talking with the Doc and other providers.
So here I am, at 43 days in and feeling MUCH better. I can now run a bit without any pain and I can ride my bike pain free. I was able to play tennis with the kids without much of an issue. I will say, my knee definitely gets sore after most any activity outside of biking. It feels very stable and just has a sharp pain every now and again, often not even around my MCL area. I think my knee is beginning to figure out that it is back in action and the little muscles and other support mechanisms are getting back up to speed.
I still have trouble sleeping. Anytime it is in one place for too long it gets sore. So I have a fare amount of pain at night and have to move quite a bit to keep it from getting too freaked out. The more activity I have had that day the worse this seems to be.
My range of motion is about 80% without any pain and 90% pushed. I think the last 10% will be hard to get to, but I suspect it will come naturally if I stay active.
Where would I say my recovery is? I would say I am about 80% as good as I used to be with that knee. It still limits my activity and I wouldn’t be able to play a soccer game if my life depended on it, however I can get out and play around with the kids with confidence. I think that if I could train hard that I could be back racing my bike pretty soon. My knee doesn’t seem to be the limiter there, more my fitness. Although the most I have ridden is about 2 hours. The cool thing is that my knee feels the best after a bike ride. It seems to get everything moving quite smooth in there and really frees up the motion. It feels the worse if I don’t do anything or if I stand still for a long time (working on building bikes.) It seems to have mixed reviews from tennis or any other running/jogging. Sometimes it feels great, others it is sore. Swimming is actually a great strength workout for my knee and it can feel pretty worn out after swimming. That seems to be the most strenuous, but not impactful activity I do.
My gut is telling me that soccer is out for the summer, but possibly back on in the fall. I think I could be riding pretty far pretty soon if I can get my fitness back up. I also think that I could mountain bike now since it feels quite stable. Running long distances seems a bit much now and I think I’ll have to start running very slowly at first to see how that feels.

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