Ironman Boulder

Interestingly enough, the Ironman in Boulder is this weekend.  Almost exactly one year since my Hillbilly Ironman in 2013.  If you are getting ready to hit up Boulder, here is my take on the experience on many of the same roads for the bike. Prep Swim Bike Run Summary

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MCL Tear – 73 days

My last update on my MCL, hopefully.  It’s now been nearly 11 weeks since my injury and I hitting my stride (literally and figuratively). As of this weekend I am clear to do whatever I want, at least from the Doc.  My lovely wife isn’t quite there on soccer and certain criteriums. The knee feels […]

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Rabid Frameworks Photo Sesh

My frame building partner in crime, Brent, received a request for some photos from a bike component manufacture.  Lucky as I am in life, my wife happens to be a great photographer and we hooked up a photo session to highlight some details of a few of Brent’s builds.  Here are some of my favs.  […]

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True Temper S3 – Part 4

After finally getting the brazing figured out I was able to get the finishing started.  This did not go as planned.  I was up for the work, but I didn’t realize I would be so bad at it that I would actually kill off some of my tools.  I broke a file, broke the transmission […]

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True Temper S3 – Part 3

Once the miters are all good and the geometry is the way I wanted, the welding commenced.  Braze welding is an art and I was starting from a big disadvantage. First time using my torch First time on S3 tubing First time fully brazing a whole bike First time using this type of flux and […]

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