MCL Tear – 83 Days       

Since I really want to have a sold documentation of a first point recovery, I needed to add another post.  And likely will add more as the year progresses.

I feel pretty much 100% most of the time, however it is definitely not read for full on soccer type activities.  I played 3 hrs of soccer with the kiddos a week ago and it was sore for 5 days.  It felt a bit loose and odd.  I didn’t notice it most of the time, however when I did it was a good reminder that the last few percentage points of healing will take some more time.  I will revisit soccer occasionally and see how it reacts as I go to see how it heals.  I skipped my weekly run last week to let it recover.   I guess I will see how it feels this week and if it is back to normal when I run midweek.  I haven’t felt any pain or discomfort at all in my knee when running, so I hope this is still the case.  If it feels bad, I’ll know that I really pushed it way too far a week ago.

The on the bike news is good.  I had my first ride where I felt like my old self on Sunday.  So the legs and lungs are starting to come back.  I am almost to the point where I might consider entering a weekly crit or something crazy…

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