Staying Fit in the Fall by NOT Riding your Bike

If you have been racing hard all summer, you are likely ready for break as September comes around.  While most non-racing cyclists are still riding strong because they have metered their summer along slowly, if your racing all summer it can be hard to keep that same level of mental and physical intensity.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, it might be helpful to take some time off.  However, I don’t believe in shutting down the system all fall and then recharging it in the winter or beginning of spring.   What can you do to stay fit and keep mentally charged?

I like to promote other sports or activities that can support whole body health.  Try to find activities that:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Improve Joint Strength
  3. Create Full Body Strength
  4. Maintain Endurance
  5. Enhance Explosiveness
  6. Strengthen the Core

It is hard to find all these in one exercise, so hitting up several different types of training can be helpful.

  1. Mountain Biking – Its an easy transition and works a more whole body than road
  2. Trail Running – Works the small muscles around the joints and is lower impact than running on the road
  3. Swimming – Lengthens the body and works more of your full body muscles in a low impact way
  4. Rowing – Very low impact and very much a full body workout
  5. Lifting Weights – Not much endurance here, but can be a good way to focus on non-cycling muscles
  6. Yoga – Good for flexibility and full body strength

I wouldn’t recommend going completely off the bike, but lowering the on bike time and working in some of these other activities will have longer term rewards.

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