Columbus Spirit Cyclocross Frame

0169d23d244412244d3adb848ae359959e672eaf46 01576cb5a9159684cafd7a00a1191584120d053c1d 01fe3cabda617ae470ce76a0f3150aecb7e5a464ad 01f31a2971775301eed04663574aa33b1b3368e3e9 01f1ee4189db91456e2513ee559832be8e29c8604e 01cf7bc37c708329c6e1170dd73023bacc32cd8120 01c89d2c298f0d5e461292bdbbf5e20db0acad760e 01bb69a43d9d27c1e5c01ecb2a22d66310b6a7a556 01b93eba815ba034fe7b197ba4d8bdbde1cb3c1960 01521c4e68e79984a15a7962c18aae69f3d443398d 01576cb5a9159684cafd7a00a1191584120d053c1dI’ve been working on a new Cross frame besides the Frankencross (which I still love, even though I had to repair a break due to a crash on a singeltrack descent that broke a finger, as well as the seatstay on a rock).  The new frame is designed to be more race oriented =  a lower BB, shorter head tube height, tighter wheelbase and lighter tubing.  I used Columbus Spirit tubes, which have some very cool shapes.  The top tube, downtube, seatstays, chainstays are all dramatically shaped.  For engineering purposes and definitely style purposes.  It’s hard to see in the pics due to the reflection off the glossy pain, but the tubes add a nice design flare to the frame.

I also painted the bike myself.  I wanted a more dramatic paint job that still looks a bit pro.  I am not up for paying $1000 for a paint job, (cost if I sent it out) however I am up for spending 70 bucks on supplies and taking the time to do it myself.  I am lucky that I have a 3rd car garage area that has heat and I can wrap off in plastic to keep from getting paint on anything.  I have set it up with a fan on the bike frame for drying and 2 box fans over for ventilation.  I also set up a small bathroom by our pool that is heated (100+ degrees) and ventilated as a drying room.  (Thanks Meredith for the idea!) This all made the painting process much more professional and I was able to attain the best results so far.  I used automotive professional paint (have to order) and it made a huge difference in the ability to really create a great paint job.

First ride out: 4+ hours on the bike in a windy fall day.  I had a blast.  It was so windy that I had a hard time getting a real feel for the frame.  I am going to through some road wheels on it this week and see how it feels compared to the S3 frame.  It came out about 1/4 lb. heavier pre-paint and it feels a bit more solid so far.  Total bike weight with wheels is 18 lbs and change.  I could get it down below 18 if I went with a nicer crankset, seatbost, bar, stem combo.  Not bad for cross racing, especially when you get the comfort of steel.


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