Sonic Boom 2015

The team had a season kick off meeting this week and I have to say it is a good looking crew.  I guess I could have said that differently,  what I mean to say is that the new P 12 team could be good this year.  It’s a good mix of young hungry guys, stronger ex-NRC level riders and a really old, slow guy.  (That’s me.)

Not a lot of fresh upgrades,  but a few.  A few new Coloradans.  A good mix of time trial, climbing, sprint and support riders.

Now it’s all up to the ability to gel.  It’s a serious element that the team had in 2011 and seems to have been missing since then.   It will be very difficult with all the new blood.  However,  our director and captains seem to be better organized and prepared than ever.  Setting this strong of a foundation is a great way to kick off the beginning of the season.  Now it’s up to the riders to step up and deliver.


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