MCL – Update

As racing season is coming closer, one of my main concerns is my MCL recovery.  Generally speaking the knee has been good.  I’ve skied, ran, biked, hiked and lifted weights on it without any major incidents.  However, the demands of training can be much greater than any of those items in isolation.  The thousands of RPMs per week and the intense pressure on climbs are elements that surely will highlight any lingering knee issues.  Additionally, the come back trail is always fraught with danger.  Too much too soon.  Too fast too soon.  Too much climbing too soon.  The warm winter we are having only further complicates this issue.  It’s not too often that we can do Peak to Peak rides comfortably and safely in January and February.

So, I am taking it easy…sort of.  I have done the Gateway Ride a few times and it has been relatively slow.  Additionally, I have hopped on a couple of out of the box rides, similar to 2013.   In fact, I am feeling good enough on the bike to race Valley of the Sun again, however I ended up with a bit of illness that ended up squashing any of those ambitions.

The knee gets a bit sore after riding, but a good sore.  I think I am clearing through the last bits of scar tissue in there.  My legs on the other hand are pretty wiped after a weekend of work.  I am still not able to sprint quite like I used to, although I am able to pop a sprint off still when needed.   I also am not climbing worth a crap, but I am sure that is a fitness and weight issue combined with so much time off the bike last year.

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