29er Mountain Bike – Final

I built the bike up with SRAM XO, Stan’s wheels and carbon bars/seatpost.  It is an incredibly light (24 lbs with pedals and cages) and nimble handling bike for a 29er.  I am extremely happy with the ride.  I rode a fully carbon 29er for a while until I got this bike built.  My frame is much more comfortable and quicker handling.   Although I gave up 800 grams in weight, I don’t notice it yet.  (Plus I snapped the chain stay on a climb on the carbon frame.   Bet that doesn’t happen on mine. ) Since a 20 oz water bottle weighs 725 grams, I just won’t drink water while riding to make up the difference.   I’m also running a single up front, so some of that weight is offset.

So far I’m quite pleased with the frame.  I’ve not had time to run the bike too long, so I still have a lot of conditions to explore on the geometry and ride character.  There are already areas I’ve thought about changing and I am sure I’ll make my next frame different.   It’s mostly in the details at this point.

IMG_20150121_1023182015-01-22 14.54.092015-01-23 18.58.08

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