Colorado State Championship Road Race

My first race back in TWO YEARS was yesterday.  I finally found a weekend that wasn’t all soccer and I could fit in a race.  My fitness is OK, I’d say 80% of where I need to be to race on the front and win in Colorado.  But for some reason I thought that it should be enough to hang in the most important road race of the season in the Pro-1-2 field.

And for the most part it was.  I felt OK, not great, not fast, not like I was dying either.  The first 20 miles of the race was very jumpy.  Coasting.  Sprinting.  Coasting.  Sprinting.  Trying to get a real break to form.  I moved around from the middle to the front a few times and felt pretty good in the pack.  Then I flatted my rear tire.  Then there was no wheel truck (Yea, I know.  No wheel truck at the state champs?)

So I drove home early and ran 3 miles and swam 1000 meters and called it a day.

Not too exciting of a report.  We had 3 out of our 5 teammates flat that day, so I guess it wasn’t going to be Sonic Boom’s day.  Although Cam put in a great effort to land a 3rd place.  I just wish I could have found a way to help him out a bit.

How did it feel racing again?  Great.  I wasn’t nervous at all.  I have to give credit to ANYONE who races.  It is hard.  It is painful.  It is an intense, serious, go to work fun.  I know our race is supposed to be the fastest, but I also know that racing is hard, period. So kudos to all that pin a number on any weekend.  The race was a good reminder that racing is a mental and physical challenge beyond a normal ride, run, hike, etc.   It is to the extreme.  Also, luck is a huge factor.  Clearly.  Are you in the right spot to attack when it is the right time?  Did you get in the right break?  Did you flat?

I’m excited to race more this year and somehow find my legs.

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