Twin Top Tube Cruiser

My lovely wife was not into her road bike anymore (she never really was, just not her style) and requested a new ride.  She asked for the following: Light as a road bike Looks like a cruiser Upright shifter and bars Since I’m not aware of any bikes like this, I figured why not create […]

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Clasica de Rio Grande

I worked in another road race this season, formally known as the Mead County Road Race, the Clasica de Rio Grande would prove to be a overheated sufferfest. I was excited to race with the team and watch these new stars crush it.  In coming back from a year or two off from injuries, I […]

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Sonic Boom Crit

My first criterium in 2 years.  My HSS Super Compact was a whopping 5 days old.  Tons of pros from the hangover week after the last NCC.  Perfect situation. I have been feeling awful on the bike all week.  The legs just aren’t there.  I finally got my fit dialed in on the new ride […]

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Rootbeer Float

As a birthday present to my near and dear brother, I offered him the opportunity for a custom frame at no charge.  (except paint)  As with most projects the cost grew and my promise of a free frame eventually became an untrue offer since he decided he also wanted a custom fork and some additional […]

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I know I am behind on posting, however I hope to make up for it in the coming week.  Look for posts on: Mead Road Race The Rootbeer Float Bike A 700c Road bike for a 4’9″ person Disk Road Bike/Gravel Grinder Twin Top Tube Road Bike/Cruiser/Mountain bike My new HSS Super Compact Prototype Fall […]

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