Sonic Boom Crit

My first criterium in 2 years.  My HSS Super Compact was a whopping 5 days old.  Tons of pros from the hangover week after the last NCC.  Perfect situation.

I have been feeling awful on the bike all week.  The legs just aren’t there.  I finally got my fit dialed in on the new ride and I think that was a big part of the awkwardness and leg tiredness I’ve been feeling.  So I didn’t have too much expectations.  However, I highly do not recommend doing a pro crit after only a few road rides on a new bike and not having raced a crit in years.  But it is our team race and it’s the least I can do to race after all the support the team has shown.

The race actually was great.  I rolled around in the back 1/3 for the first 15 minutes and actually felt great.  The legs felt great, my lungs felt great, however my mind just wasn’t into hitting the corners at the pace and accuracy I needed to be for success.  This was a race that you had to leave the breaks behind and crush out the corners.  I was just not in the right mental state to attack the corners and I didn’t want to screw up all the racers behind me. So I slowly worked backward and eventually pulled off course.  It was a tough choice considering my legs felt so good.  However, it was the right one.  I’ve raced enough to know that if you aren’t there with the mental attitude to crush it, then you shouldn’t be there at all.

I enjoyed tearing down the course and catching up with teammates afterward.  We have a great team in all the categories and this race is always one of the best run/organized events of the year.

The bike felt amazing and I can’t wait to put more miles in on the new prototype


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