Semi-Integrated Disc Gravel Grinder

This was a fun project.  1 1/2″ – 1 1/8″  Tapered Enve disc fork and disc frame with oversized tires (up to 28).  We went with a mix of Columbus Life and Spirit oversized since the rider is kinda hard on bikes, but still wanted a light modern frame.   He is an arborist for Central Park NYC, so a leaf theme was integrated into the paint job.  He also commutes a lot, so we used reflective logos to create a brilliant bike at night.

20150311_205808 20150614_174727 20150614_174719 20150614_174705 20150614_174651 20150614_174644 20150614_174616 20150614_174624 20150614_174629 20150613_065236 20150613_065223 20150613_065217 20150613_064935 20150613_064950 20150613_065003 20150613_065035 20150613_065059 20150613_065109 20150613_065135 20150611_212746 20150319_155536

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