Cyclocross Training

Cyclocross is starting very soon in Colorado and if you haven’t started training you are all ready behind. I love cross. I have often said that if I could pick any one bike racing to be good at it would be cross. I combines all the things I like about bike racing into an hour […]

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Hiring a Cycling Coach

Since the fall is when I get most of my new clients, a little reminder of why coaches can help. As with many things, the internet has created an abundance of information on all kinds of topics.  There are training plans up the wazzoo available for free that are pretty darn good.  So if you’re […]

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HSS Super Compact Steel Frame

So after dropping my chain in the road race in Mead, I was committed to designing a new frame.  It had to be stiff, light weight, blah, blah, blah.  The usual.  Luckily Columbus has come out with a new series of tubes called HSS.  High Strength Steel.   I think it is the Spirit tubing […]

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The Boy’s Road Bike

My son is getting old enough now that he needed to pass down his kids bikes and move to a semi-adult size.  I took on the challenge of designing a 700c frame for a 4’9″ frame that he could grow into over the next few years.  A lot of research and investigation yielded some geometry […]

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