10 Simple Weight Loss Tips

There is quite a bit of difference in the needs and goals of the folks I train, however eating healthy is always at the top of my list.  I don’t believe in fads or “diets”, rather I work to create simple habits and easy decisions.  With folks on more specific overall loss goals, I can get into meal planning, however not everyone needs this type of intense interface.  Most athletes just need to remember some simple rules to live by:

  1. Don’t drink calories.  Water is your friend here and everything else is bringing in additional calories with your body simply not acknowledging them in any satiation way, rather only in the additional calories to process.  Nearly all liquid calories are sugar.
  2. Drink water.  Sounds like a repeat, but drinking water before every meal and a first reaction to being hungry is a great way to test your true appetite.
  3. When travelling, always order the salad or veggie based meal.  Many of my athletes travel for work and need to consider how to maintain or lose on the road when choices are limited.  Just getting enough veggies in your diet is difficult.
  4. Wear a belt.  Sounds silly, but it works.  A tight waist can help your body recognize its full and help you remember your goals.
  5. Don’t finish your plate.  Like many, I was raised to always finish your plate, so this is particularly hard for me.  If you purposely leave a bit every time, you will be able to control portions.  This is especially true when dining out.
  6. Don’t eat at night.  Eating a big snack before bed is telling your body to take a likely sugary food and store it in your fat.
  7. Brush your teeth.  Brush after every meal and you won’t feel like eating 15 minutes afterwards.   This is especially effective at night.
  8. Keep healthy snacks on hand.  A big miss is that so many folks just grab the quickest thing and it is left over candy instead of nuts or carrots.  Keeping something good close makes it harder to find the bad stuff.
  9. Pack your lunch.  Bringing your lunch to work allows you to craft your daily intake.  Make sure to pack snack foods as well.
  10. Eat snacks.  Snack on healthy foods and eat small meals.  If you fast between meals, people have a tendency to eat more due to a reaction to a starved sensation.

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