Covid-19 Sucks

What’s up world?  I’ve been pretty quiet for a while, busy with life and other things.  Not a lot of frame building (just some repair work) and not a lot of racing.  I did sign up for a 12 hour mountain bike race this year, which promptly got cancelled/delayed.  So we shall see what 2020 has in store for all of us in the cycling world.  Currently, I’m just grateful to be able to get out on the bike or on the trainer and get a bit of reprieve from the intensity of the Covid-19 situation.

I am truly thankful for those that are taking this virus on, especially those that never would have thought their jobs would be putting their health at risk.   So a special big thanks to grocery store workers, truckers, mail/package delivery, food supply folks and others involved in keeping the rest of us fed and supplied.

Almost everyone is dealing with a variety of challenges in their work/business lives.  I hope we are back to work soon and that these stresses aren’t too much to bear.  I’ve been taking a class at Yale on Mental Well Being and have been doing some research on how best to take on this lockdown situation.  There are a few things I quick takeaways that may help:

  • Exercise daily and stretch/move several times throughout the day
  • Sleep, but not too much.  Get up and stay in a schedule
  • Express gratitude for the smallest of things in your life, as well as the bigger things
  • Do something that helps someone else (make face masks, write inspiring messages on your sidewalk, write letters to friends, make cards for folks stuck in their homes alone or at a care center, etc.)
  • Watch as little television as possible
  • Don’t obsess over social media
  • Don’t overreact to any news stories, let it play out a bit and get some real information once this issue has truly been resolved
  • Learn something new
  • Try to get all those home projects done
  • Meditate
  • Take advantage of the time with your family

Thanks for reading.


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