Coaching Philosophy

Having never had the luxury of racing when I was in high school, college, or even when I was single, I quickly learned that the traditional means of training were not effective for me or for most of my friends for that matter. The folks I raced with were often in the same boat as me and usually had coaches that didn’t understand that their cycling goals were part of a bigger picture of overall life goals that often included work and family commitments. After struggling with the concept that I couldn’t train they way the books and other cyclist told me I needed to, I decided not to let that define my cycling and created a way to compete within my life constraints.
I have created a training system that is based on utilizing your time most effectively. I have found that carefully crafting my training so that work, family, and cycling is all very much a part of the plan creates a holistic approach that develops each aspect of my life. Based on as much discussion about cycling as about your other life goals, the training becomes a part of your life instead an add on that no one has time for.

It certainly has not been easy, but it has been extremely satisfying to work with successful businessmen and women to develop their abilities to their full potential.

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I have worked with a variety of riders and racers over the past decade of coaching.  Clients include:

Traveling sales representatives

Managing partner of a national investment firm


IT systems managers

Software Designers

Full Time Students

Hospital Administrators

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