Road Bike Skills Training

I often forget how riding a road bike can both be simple and complicated.  The mechanics of riding a bike are pretty instinctual, once you learn.  However, entering the world of road riding can be quite complicated.  You are out in an uncontrolled environment that leaves little margin for error.  You are exposed to the […]

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Indoor Trainer

Riding the trainer is simply the worst.  So much of what most folks like about the bike is missing from the indoor experience and therefore the indoor experience is extremely lacking.  However, there is a light at the end of this tunnel and in many ways we are already there.  No longer is the indoor […]

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Early Season Group Rides.

Group rides are an important part of cycling training.  In a culture that doesn’t grow up watching bike racing, the group ride is our way of learning all the dynamics of riding in a group.   The early season group ride is always an interesting challenge.  Inevitably there is always a wide variety of fitness levels and […]

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Leg Days

I get a lot of questions about weight training and cycling.  Since I come from a football/rugby background and my father was a bodybuilder as a kid, I feel like I have pretty good understanding of weight training.  (I’ve been lifting in a gym and studying weight training for 31 years and have watched this too many times, […]

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Cold Weather Cycling

Winter is here and I am a firm believer in riding right through it.  Although, there are days that are simply indoor days (snow, sleet, 60 mph winds, sub-zero temps) there are also a lot of days that are acceptable for training in the cold.  The key is two-fold for me: I must be motivated and […]

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Odin’s Revenge 2016

  Gothenburg, Nebraska – the setting for the epic Odin’s Revenge race.  Now, this is not your typical USA Cycling sanctioned Category P12, 3, etc. race with support and officials.  No, this is more of a race, no not a race but rather a battle, against an enemy that is not totally known.  An enemy […]

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Mental Toughness

I just finished reading Eat and Run by Scott Jurek and was reminded about the importance of mental toughness in all sports; although keenly important in endurance sports.   Scott is an ultra-runner. The International Association of Ultrarunners discusses these events as: The 100 km is our “flagship” since the IAAF officially sanctions this distance […]

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Group Rides

As a cyclist, there is a lot offered in Boulder.  When I moved here there were a lot less group rides than now and I appreciate the variety of very fast rides to support training.  Here is a link to a decent one that I hit up last Wednesday morning that happened to have Tom Danielson […]

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