“I’ve been working with Bill Campie since the start of the 2012 season. When I upgraded to cat-2 a couple years ago I quickly realized my lack of experience in both coaching and bike racing at the cat-2 level were preventing me from being successful. Bill is a very experienced coach and has been racing at the P-1-2 level for a long time and this race experience gives him an understanding of the skills and capabilities necessary to compete successfully at that level. In addition to this fundamental knowledge, I’ve been impressed by Bill’s responsiveness to communication as well as the fact that he will often contact me on his own, especially in the days leading up to goal races. Early this year Bill held a sprint clinic for his athletes. Bill walked us all through the proper way to perform the sprint workouts he was assigning and gave us feedback on our overall sprint technique as well as timing and strategy. Although I’ve been racing for seven years I improved my sprint a huge amount just by changing my technique based on what I learend in my clinic. This level of personalized attention is exceptional. I would recommend Bill as a coach for a bike racer at any level.”  Engineer – Cat 2 Road

“After taking a year off the bike I started working with Bill to get my weight down and my power back so I could get back into the racing scene.  I have worked with him for about a year and ½ now and I have seen steady improvement in my power and in reduction in weight. Bill’s comprehensive hands on approach to diet and training has definitely made a difference in my training and results. Bill catered a program that works well with the different aspects of being a parent and a working professional.”  Travelling Sales – Cat 3 Road

“I have been thoroughly impressed with Bill’s continued ability to help me excel in competitive cycling.  I originally believed that time in the saddle was the true merit of a winning cyclist.  Bill helped me focus my training to provide exceptional results in less time than I previously allocated.  His personable hands on approach and attention to detail has truly gotten me in my best shape yet.”  Dentist – Cat 3 Road

“Being both a family man and a successful business man, Bill understands how to squeeze the most out of one’s limited training time.  Bill took me from a struggling cat 4 to a competitive cat3 in the span of a season.  I couldn’t be more happy with the results.  I will always remember his response to me after whining about a hard workout he had given me….Do you want to get better or not?  If the answer to that question for you is yes, you certainly need to call Bill! Managing Partner Investment Firm – Cat 2 Road

“After taking several years off from racing, Bill has helped me see the value of a consistent training routine. It’s great to have someone looking at the plan from a different angle. With his perspective, he’s able to maintain the right balance or hard work, racing efforts, and rest.”  Vice President of Technology Investment Firm – Cat 3 Road

“As a lifelong runner, I didn’t know if I had it in me to become a competitive cyclist at any level, much less a podium contender. Bill had confidence in my potential and got to work setting up a plan to get me there, a plan that accommodated my work schedule and long commutes. The training was never easy, but it was without a doubt effective. Over the course of the next year, I progressed from cat 4 newbie to podium finishes across multiple disciplines and even a half dozen criteriums wins. Upgraded to cat 3, I was very pleased to find myself immediately competitive in the 3’s races. No way I could have shown this success without Coach Bill and his magic. He’s the real deal.”  Sales Manager – Cat 3 Road

References are available upon request.

Please contact Bill at bcampie@yahoo.com for discussions regarding your needs and coaching interest.